Yoga in the Park, Summer Solstice

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Yoga in the Park.

Drew Park.

Summer Solstice

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So many amazing and talented yoga teachers, food vendors, and holistic specialists were able to come to together in support of #internationalyogaday!!

I was so excited to experience this event where so many different kinds of yoga teachers came together to help the community grow! I’m still feeling the creative energy pumping through my veins! Summer solstice this year was an amazing one for me. First I started off with a beautiful ceremony led by my 300hr teacher training teacher Emily. It was a juicy flow full of Sun Salutations and warriors! Exactly what I needed to burn off some of this stagnant energy.

As I struggled through my flow, finding myself going entirely to fast for my weakened body to handle, I had a major ego check. The strength of my body is not what it used to be. What used to be a strong, steady, meditation for me has become a race against time to see if i can hurry up and get myself through this next namaskara!

The lack of practicing vinyasa has began to shine through. My shoulders are weak, my arms can no longer hold my by body up after three chattarangas!

So I sat with myself in an adventurous mirror meditation. I kept asking myself why was I in such a rush.

Which led to why am I always in such a rush.

So it led me to my New practice for this week ~


Slow down. Breathe. Relax.

This moment is here and now.

The worries of tomorrow will still be there tomorrow and the past is gone.

My yoga is to slow me down. My yoga is to bring me back to the moment and Into this body of mine. My yoga is here to shine light into all those dark spaces I spend my days running from. Shining light in the trenches so new seeds can burst open.

With those seeds come trees with incredible fruits.

They just need time to grow, time to stretch, time to morph and mold to the world around them.

Yoga in the park was huge, beautiful, and bursting with energy! Seeing so many people, all the colors of yoga mats, everyone joining together in waves of downward dogs blending into seas of child’s poses…. it was a beautiful sight to see!

It made me want to sit a create workshops that bring more people together while learning about the deeper aspects of yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️.

Yoga makes me feel so creative!

What will you morph into this week.

Where can your yoga practice bring you.

Mine brings me to a space of love and truth.

So happy to share all these moments with these beautiful people!

Thank-you to Seed Yoga and Flower Massage for bringing me into your amazing creations! Thank-you for letting me a part of your most treasured moments. I’m so great full to have two amazing Teachers like you to look up to and learn from.


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