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I was so excited this spring to make my way to the Local plant store to purchase sunflower seeds to plant.

I was rather upset to find out that there was only 12 seeds in this package which meant that I would only get 12 sunflowers. I bought a package of a different wildflower mix thinking that the majority of them would have been sunflowers and was relatively let down to find out… nope. It was marigolds. (But they did grow to be gorgeous so who am I to complain?)

I was hoping for a huge sunflower patch. On spring equinox I decided to plant the sunflowers and all summer I have watched them grow into beautiful, big, tall, strong and mighty sunflowers.

As the sunflowers died and the Texas summer heat burned and scorched my plants away, I begin to notice that the sunflowers were dead and drying 🥀 so I needed to pull them up to make space for new plants.

I noticed that there were 1 million seeds at the center and with my excitement I ripped the whole sunflower apart and scattered seeds across my back porch. We even ate some! I was so proud of what came from that sunflower.

Later that evening Carlos went behind me with the grass blower and blew the hundreds of sunflower seeds off the porch and into the yard.

Fast forward to three weeks later I now have 1 million baby sunflowers growing everywhere, even in places I didn’t want them to grow.

It just makes me laugh to look back and think how upset I was to only get 12 seeds in that one pack. I sit here in the next season of time seeing that I’ve gotten what I wanted, a million sunflowers but I just needed to plant the seed first.

I’m now wondering how I can take this lesson and apply it to every concept of my life! The power of one seed. We were just doing a mustard seed meditation in yoga teacher training. The power of the mustard seed can move a mountain. Do y’all remember that was the whole theme of the Catholic Youth Conference my conformation year. It reminded me of such a great time in my life.

Literally. That mustard seed can move a mountain!! It just takes putting the work in, the time, and patience, most importantly Faith that God or the universal source will give us what we need to manifest what we want. We just have to meet up half way. Show up, be there, in every way possible for ourselves. Not just for ourselves but for all those around us. So we can be good example of life… so we can all reach in and pull each other out when we need it most!

Anyways, I hope u all have an amazing day. I’m thinking of you all now. Please keep sharing your stories with me as I will do with you. Keep posting your kids pictures and selfies and the things you want out of life. I love keeping up with you!

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