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I wanted to share my Alter this month with you. At the beginning of each month I clean it – I leave up the crystals and Hanuman. As the month goes on I add pictures of things going on, #trinkets I find that are #special to me, and other things that remind me of this #beautiful #life this soul of mine is living. Each night I light my candles and burn my incense sticks with my prayers. I am so #thankful for this #ritual and for my #practices. With out them I do not know where I would be. I find balance in this #ceremony of lighting the candles and sitting in prayer. For a few more nights I get to enjoy this months view before I wipe it clean to start my December treasures.
What use to be a small table had now grown onto the fireplace mantel. Each time I walk by I am reminded of what has gotten me where I am.
I encourage you to make a #sacred prayer #space. I place for you to turn to when you need to speak with #God. This sacred space gets me through the day. This space keeps me #collected and practiced.

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