One year without Sugar and Processed foods!

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This is what one year of hardly any sugar, processed foods, and a daily practice can look like. Don’t mind the sleep face in the November 2019 – I had just woken up!
But just notice how puffy I was in November 2018, and the 2019 was taken right after I woke up and usually what’s when my body is most puffy – from the sleep. With all the sleep puff I’m still no where near the swollen I was last November.
My inflammation is down, my psoriasis is gone (except the spot on my scalp and knee), and I’m 100% happier and more active in life!
I wish I had pictures of my body then and now too! Major difference!

yoga #eatmoreplants #saynotofoodinabox #letthyfoodbethymedicine #healthy #yogainspiration

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