Health and Wellness Coaching

When was the last time your doctor asked you about what you eat?

Or you had the opportunity to spend an hour with a trained professional discussing your health goals?

As your personal health and wellness coach, I work with you to integrate healthy habits into your daily life. Taking a holistic approach, we work together on finding balance for better health in all areas of your life, both on and off your plate. Possibly even on and off your yoga mat!

As a Certified Health Coach and a 500Hr Registered Yoga Teacher, I am here to help you live the happy and healthy life that you were meant to be living.

I work with you through a Holistic Health approach catered to your dietary needs and lifestyle. Together we will look at all the areas of your life that effect your health as a whole: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

I work with you online and in person. Let me know your personal needs and we can begin to work together soon!

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  •  Stress at work or home causes you to make poor choices.
  • Monday comes and you have zero food options prepared.
  • Caffeine and sweet treats get you through the day.
  • Low energy and gut issues keep you from exercising.
  • You were told to make some lifestyle changes but not sure where to start.
  • Putting others first and yourself last on your list.
  • Or, have you put yourself last for years and are asking: “Now what?”

Coaching offers the motivation, tools and accountability for personal growth to make lifestyle changes for a Healthy and Happy Life at Any Age. There is growing research showing better outcomes when partnering with a Health Coach to reach personal goals. We will see what is working and not working for in your life, then create a customized plan for your individual needs.