Sacred Self



Here in these digital pages are a collection of the daily rituals I do to keep myself grounded.
Hopefully you will come to these pages and find some sparks of inspiration for ways to dig deeper into your self.
Maybe, just possibly, discover other ways to relate to the world around you.

"Life is a ceremony and every step should be treated as such. Each thought a meditation and each movement a ritual. This will lead you to the most sacred parts of your self."

Lauren Savcic

I live a modern yogic lifestyle and here I post about the nourishment rituals that I use for my own sacred self care practices. I write about the food I eat, the ways that I manage life stresses, and how I turn to a holistic lifestyle and Yoga for medicine.

I am a Yoga Teacher and Wellness Advocate. I work with my clients to bring out the best parts of themselves so they can express it to the world around them with meaning, motivations, passion, and grace.
I focus my work towards cultivating practices for a new way of thinking and living our lives. I can help you find ways to prioritize your wellness through personal coaching and wellness workshops.

When we set intention and follow our intuition the world around us can open up to becoming a magical and sacred dwelling place.
I firmly believe that we can heal ourselves when we cultivate practices that build a firm foundation through the proper nutrition of our bodies, SACRED SELF CARE, and community. All it takes is practice, discipline, and a courageous heart.

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Throughout this sacred space, I hope that you can discover many ways of self discipline and ritual that guide you to finding your sacred self and to the art of being you. I can’t make choices for you but I can offer guidance that is tailored to you and your particular lifestyle. I would love to chat with you about how you can thrive. I would love to work with you so that you can build yourself and your business in ways you never thought were possible.

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